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Public lecture: redefining accountancy for a more complex world


“The world of accountancy is impacted by anticipated and unexpected changes, with consequences for the conduct of work practices”, says CODE Fellow Professor Alan Parkinson, keynote speaker at the University of London - Singapore Institute of Management annual lecture 'A changing accountancy profession: Future Impacts, Directions, Shapes.' 

An increasingly complex business and regulatory environment, compounded by digital developments and tainted by audit scandals, is impacting the anatomy of the accountancy profession. This is resulting in a drive to redefine the profession, with adaptation and change emerging from both natural and engineered evolution, with significant consequences for work practices. Such adaptation and change is progressing in different ways and at different speeds around the world. 

The forthcoming UoL-SIM lecture examines how, in Singapore, Jobs Transformation Maps provide an important steer for accounting and finance professionals to remain competitive and relevant in an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment. Singapore is at the forefront of embracing and managing the redefinition, evidenced by a range of reports from the Singapore Accountancy Commission and industry forums. Such reports set out a practical agenda to: 

  1. encourage adoption of emerging technologies to drive workforce productivity; 
  2. drive job redesign adoption to maintain long-term competitiveness and agility; 
  3. embrace talent from a wide range of talent supply sources to meet the sector’s human resources demand; 
  4. re-assess the current workforce’s skills and create a roadmap for acquiring future skills, to build a future-ready workforce; and iv) elevate the accounting practices sector’s image and appeal to attract the best talent.

The lecture is followed a Panel discussion. The Panel comprises Lee Thong Tan - CFO Practice Lead, Asia - Workday and Yin Tong Kon, Managing Partner at Foo Kon Tan LLP, a long established Singapore accountancy practice, and until April this year President of Singapore Institute of Chartered Accountants.

The Panel is moderated by CODE Fellow Lynsie Chew from UCL School of Management.

Join us on Wednesday 6th July in person or virtually for an engaging lecture and sharing by thought-provoking speakers! Learn more about the drivers for and consequences of changes in the accounting profession and what this means for potential future landscapes!