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Researching NHS mental health care for students


The University of London is working with the Association of Directors of Public Health, Thrive LDN, London Higher, and the NUS to deliver the first mental health needs assessment of students studying across all London’s higher education institutions.

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The project aims to improve the support provided to students and inform the development of a referral pathways toolkit to improve the effectiveness of the referral system between London’s HEIs and NHS care providers.

The research will hear from of a number of audiences, including students themselves – but we are currently seeking the views of NHS staff who work with London students regarding their mental health. 
So we’re asking NHS clinicians in general practice, psychiatry, community mental health, and emergency services to take just 10 minutes to share their views and experience at:

To help us reach the widest possible range of opinion, please help by sharing this page with your colleagues and networks.

Our report is due to be published in May 2020.