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Self-decolonisation keynote by CODE fellow


At the recent Transformation and Development Through Sport (TADS) Conference held on February 27th-28th, 2024 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr. Oscar Mwaanga, fellow of the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) and Programme Director for the PGCert International Sport Management, delivered a keynote presentation alongside a prestigious line up of invited speakers from across Africa, Europe and the United Nations.

Read more about the work on decolonizing the curriculum at the University of London [PDF]

Dr. Mwaanga

Celebrated for his pioneering contributions to the global Sport for Development (SDP) movement, Dr. Mwaanga's presentation, titled "Decolonising the (wo)Man in the Mirror: A Case Example of Decolonising Myself Towards the Africa We Want," revisited Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o’s pivotal 1986 statement that "Decolonizing the mind is the most urgent task," emphasizing its ongoing relevance and the continuous need for decolonisation efforts today. His presentation further delved into the critical need for decolonizing leadership across the SDP and the broader sports sector, highlighting the importance of recognizing, celebrating, and mentoring African leaders. Dr. Mwaanga shared insights from his work in the initiative to Decolonise the Curriculum of University of London Distance Learning Curricula and Pedagogies, funded through CODE, discussing his personal journey towards decolonisation. This journey, he explained, involves a critical reassessment of educational frameworks, leveraging his privilege for the promotion of equity, fostering empathy between diverse cultures, and advocating for systemic changes underscored by a commitment to personal responsibility. 

Dr. Mwaanga's presentation not only illuminated his ongoing efforts towards decolonization but also initiated a broader conversation about building a world anchored in justice, empathy, and equity.  

For more detailed information, attendees and interested parties were directed to a Facebook page linked here   

Dr. Mwaanga was particularly honoured to reconnect with two esteemed mentees and colleagues: Dr. Hikabwa D. Chipande, Head of the African Sports Council, and Ms. Lydia Skillz Monyepao, CEO of the South African Football Association and an online tutor for the International Sports Management Programme at the University of London, underscoring the profound mentorship and leadership connections within the sports development community.