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Senate House Library Appoints Dickson Russell to Evaluate Over 300 Artworks


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dickson Russell Art Management who will be evaluating over 300 artworks in Senate House Library’s collections, and across the University of London and its institutes, with a view to opening them up for public access and display.

Dickson Russell will bring their skills and experience in developing, managing and curating collections for clients such as PwC and Stanhope to this exciting project. We look forward to working with them on the challenge of drawing out a range of narratives for the widest public and academic engagement.

Rachel Dickson and Emma Russell, Dickson Russell Art Management, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to work with Senate House Library on their eclectic art collection and to make this often hidden asset more visible, dynamic, accessible and relevant to today's world. We are honoured to add a world-renowned university to our roster of clients

The project to evaluate the collection artworks began on 1 April 2019 and will culminate in a fully expanded inventory and strategy for developing digital and onsite engagement for artworks across the University at the end of September 2019. This will then be implemented by Senate House Library staff and University of London colleagues over the course of the next academic year.