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Senate House was transformed into Gotham City during the weekend


Long live the bat! Senate House was proud to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary with the rest of the world over the weekend.

Batsignal projected onto Senate House - Store Street perspective

Fans around the world gathered to honor Batman’s 80th anniversary the Bat-signal lit up skyscrapers and landmarks around the globe including our very own Senate House. From Melbourne to Tokyo and other major cities flashed the Bat-signal Saturday 20 September at 20:00.

Of course, it won't be the first time Senate House has been involved with the famous Batman franchise – having been the backdrop for scenes in the iconic trilogy of films, directed by UCL alumnus Christopher Nolan.

Senate House was used as the courthouse in Batman Begins (2005) and was then the setting for the masquerade ball scene in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) which featured Oscar winner Christian Bale and his co-star and fellow Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the ‘The William Beveridge Hall’ signage is visible in the background of the Crush Hall film sequence. It continues the rich and illustrious affiliation Senate House has with the silver screen.

Celebrations took place around the world to mark 80 years of the caped crusader but Senate House was the only venue in the UK and Ireland to be involved.

Senate House has been used on a grand visual scale before – in previous years it has been lit up green in support for Mental Health Awareness as well having lights and images projected onto its facade to promote commercial activities such as being part of the campaign to advertise the latest Virgin ventures as well as the launch of Channel Five's new channel 5-Star amongst others.

Follow the global events by using the hashtags - #BatmanDay #Batman80 #ItsBatman #LongLiveTheBat