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Spotlight on OPM and UK university partnerships


Partnerships between universities and online programme management companies have existed for many years. But what is the current picture in terms of the number of partnerships and companies operating in this space?

Universities who are looking to develop and grow a portfolio of online distance education courses and programmes have typically had two routes to achieve this. They can either invest in this themselves or partner with an online programme management company (OPM).

These partnerships and companies have existed for many years but not much is widely known about the companies and partnerships that exist. There are also some misconceptions associated with them too.

Given the growth of these partnerships it is important that higher education professionals understand both the current landscape and why universities partner with them. This is especially important in a time where online distance education is much higher up the agenda than ever before. 

Centre for Online and Distance Education Fellow Neil Mosley reports on  trends in UK university- industry partnerships to deliver online distance education courses and programmes in recent years.