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Sustainability team case study features in Universities UK publication


The sustainability team are delighted to announce that our case study on internationalisation and climate action was featured in the Universities UK (UUKI) publication 'How the climate crisis affects internationalisation'.

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Last month the Universities UK International released their report on 'How the climate crisis affects internationalisation'. The University of London provided a case study for Transnational education/student experience.

The case study highlights:

  • Transnational teaching and learning which has allowed for avoided emissions.
  • Reduce the Juice as our key sustainability education and engagement piece.
  • A hybrid approach to exam delivery as a key component to securing sustained carbon footprint improvements.

Read the report of a survey into internationalisation and climate action on Universities UK website.

The key findings of the UUKI report include:

  • 95 per cent of institutions stated that climate action and carbon reduction are extremely or very important to them
  • 86.3 per cent of institutions either already link their international strategies to their sustainability strategies or are planning to do so
  • 100 per cent of respondents already report changes to their international activities which impact positively on climate action
  • 100 per cent of respondents have introduced virtual collaboration with international partners to replace some physical mobility and plan to or are considering keeping it that way post-Covid.

The future for University of London

We aim to achieve net zero operational carbon on our London campus by 2036, the bicentenary of our founding. The University’s Sustainability Team is developing our Scope 3 emissions strategy in 2022, which will be achieved through sustained collaboration between teams in London and our students across the world.