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Sustainability team launches new mini-magazine


The University of London Sustainability team have launched Resilient Futures, a new ‘zine’ (mini-magazine) created in collaboration with the London School of Economics.The zine showcases student and staff perspectives on sustainability and resilience in times of crisis, and was born out of the desire to continue to engage students and staff with our sustainability messages during lockdown.

Resilient Futures forms part of the Reduce the Juice sustainability engagement programme at the University of London, which normally involves face-to-face events and workshops with students on themes such as saving energy, saving water and preventing waste.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it quickly became clear to the Sustainability team that it wouldn't be possible to go ahead with the planned activities for the spring and summer terms. Instead, the team decided to get creative, and invited students and staff to share their visions for building a more sustainable, thriving future in a time of immense disruption.

The zine is a compilation of the team's favourite submissions, from artwork, to think pieces, to recipes, to poetry. The team were thrilled with the quality of the submissions received, and the zine is a testament to the passion and creativity of the students and staff who got involved.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis demands a radical rethinking of the way we do things as a society, and as the zine shows, the possibilities for creating a more sustainable and equitable world are boundless. Whether it’s pro-environmental behaviour change, innovations in system-design, or reaffirming the role of science in policymaking, it is hoped that you will find something to inspire you in the Resilient Futures zine.

You can read the full zine online here. If you’d like to know more about Reduce the Juice, visit the website.