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University of London Fellow Dr Oscar Mwaanga invited to take up UNESCO post


Written by
Mark Piggott

University of London Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) Fellow Dr Oscar Mwaanga has accepted an invitation to join the scientific committee of the newly formed UNESCO chair “Sport for Development, Peace and Environment.”

The Scientific Committee's mandate is to plan the Chair’s scientific program for each year in terms of projects, grant applications, scientific production and dissemination of results and information. 

Dr. Mwaanga
University of London Fellow Dr Oscar Mwaanga

Dr Mwaanga is the Programme Director for the Post Graduate Certificate in International Sports Management at the University of London Worldwide. Oscar co-founded Education through Movement (EduMove) Limited (UK), Education through Sport (EduSport) Foundation (Zambia) and the Zambian Institute of Sport. 

He is also visiting scholar, consultant and fellow at a number of global institutions including the African Union, University of Tsukuba (Japan), World Academy of Sport (Australia), University of Zambia, Pan African University (Nigeria) and Commonwealth Sport for Development and Peace (SDP).

Dr Mwaanga said:

“It is a true privilege to be part of such an important initiative that recognizes my contributions to the field of Sport for Development and Peace. This also highlights the impactful work we are doing with our PGC International Sport Management programme, including the Champions for Change award/scholarship to be presented at the Summer Olympics in Paris. 

“This programme acknowledges and rewards the efforts of our students, who are mostly Olympians and sports federation leaders, in transforming their communities through sport.”