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University of London Institute in Paris and Student Action for Refugees football shirt project


Written by
George Boxall

The football society at the University of London Institute in Paris has created a bespoke Nike football shirt with Kitlocker. This charity project involves Student Action for Refugees and the shirt is now available to purchase.

Students from UoLIP, Paris in the ULIP STAR t-shirts

Who are Student Action for Refugees?

The STAR network is a national charity of 34,000 students welcoming refugees in UK and France. Here is a breakdown of some of the work that STAR undertakes in both the UK and in Paris.


University students have the skills to help a refugee rebuild their life in the UK and France. STAR works with over 45 refugee charities at 90 projects providing much needed assistance, including:

  • English Conversation Clubs where communication between refugees and students is fun, friendly and leads to real independence
  • Drop ins where food and friendship are shared in equal measure
  • Homework Clubs where those undergraduate study skills are passed on to young refugees working their way through school.


Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and STAR students campaign for a future where Britain provides a truly safe haven for people fleeing persecution. We focus on a few important topics so that our message is heard clearly. Our current campaigns are:

Equal Access to Higher Education: The Student Action for Refugees campaign to improve access to university for asylum seekers. We want people who are in the UK fleeing persecution to be able to join us at university. This will only happen if they are classed as home students and are given access to bursaries and scholarships open to other vulnerable people.

Safe Routes Save Lives: The world is facing the biggest refugee crisis since WWII. Thousands of people have drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to reach safety in Europe. We want the UK to ensure there are routes to safety for refugees, and to save lives by:

  • Allowing refugees to safely and legally join family members in the UK
  • providing sanctuary to our fair share of refugees arriving in Europe
  • significantly increasing the number of resettlement places available to refugees
  • helping ensure there are adequate search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.


Students go to university to learn, so it’s a great place to find out the truth about refugees and asylum in the UK. We organise talks, films, exhibitions, plays and a whole host of other educational activities on and off campus so that students are well informed about why people flee, what happens when they arrive in the UK and what they can do to make people feel welcome.

How to order a ULIP and STAR football shirt

To make these shirts as affordable, we ask you choose an amount that you would like (and can afford) to send to Student Action for Refugees. It costs £21 to make every shirt, so every donation on top will go to STAR.

When you have completed the form, send your payment to the bank account displayed. On receipt of your payment you will get a confirmation via email.

Delivery costs of the shirts to Paris will be subsidised by the ULIP Football Society. Once delivered, shirts will be available for collection from the university.

UK residents can get the shirt delivered to your address, just fill in the form and send to George Boxall.

Place your order

The deadline to pre-order the shirt is 2 April 2021.
Order online form

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ULIP Student in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris