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University of London presents bicentennial commemorative scroll to Birkbeck

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Mark Piggott

Professor Wendy Thomson CBE presented Birkbeck University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sally Wheeler CBE with a calligraphy scroll to mark Birkbeck’s bicentenary

A commemorative scroll celebrating Birkbeck’s 200th anniversary has been unveiled this week. University of London Vice-Chancellor Professor Wendy Thomson CBE presented Birkbeck University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sally Wheeler CBE with the scroll to mark Birkbeck’s bicentenary. Established in 1823, Birkbeck joined the University of London Federation in 1920.

Sally Wheeler CBE
Professor Thomson and Professor Wheeler with the special scroll

The official unveiling of the calligraphy scroll, featuring a quote from Prime Minister and Birkbeck alumnus Ramsay MacDonald, took place at Birkbeck on 7 March. Professor Thomson also presented Professor Wheeler with a 14-page booklet (PDF) on the relationship between Birkbeck and the University of London as told through items found in the Senate House Library archives. 

Prof Wheeler delivered a speech celebrating the past and looking ahead to the future, to an audience of staff and students from Birkbeck and the University of London. She spoke about how proud Birkbeck is to have been a member of the University of London for over 100 years, and shared how Birkbeck’s educational offer is evolving: “After 100 years of focusing almost exclusively on evening teaching, we’re beginning to offer day-time provision.” 

University of London Vice-Chancellor Wendy Thomson added:

“Birkbeck’s continued success is a testament to its enduring mission – a commitment to providing flexible and part-time higher education that meets the needs of students of all ages.  

“This commemorative scroll, commissioned by the University of London to mark this monumental anniversary, includes a quote from former British Prime Minister and Birkbeck alumni Ramsay MacDonald - one of a long list of people connected to Birkbeck who have made a lasting impact on the world.

“It was an honour to present this scroll, alongside the booklet at the gala last December. Birkbeck and the University of London’s relationship spans over 100 years and I look forward to many more years of partnership.”