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What role will MOOC platforms play in UK universities’ online futures?


As more UK universities consider new private partnerships to help develop their online education portfolios, CODE Fellow Neil Mosley asks “what role do existing MOOC platform partnerships have to play in this evolving landscape?”

As we emerge from a period of restrictions and enforced moves to remote teaching it’s evident that this has spurred UK universities to think more strategically about online education. 

For many of them this involves exploring partnerships with online education companies to support their ambitions, and there have been a number of tenders seeking partnerships with online programme management companies (OPMs) issued.

However, many UK universities also have longer standing partnerships with another type of online education company, sometimes referred to as MOOC platforms. 

So as universities enter a different phase of thinking about online education and as some consider new partnerships it’s an opportune time to reflect on MOOC platforms' role in UK higher education now and in the future.