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Benefits of the University of London Online Library


Written by
Edidiong I.

Whatever you're looking for, the University of London Online Library contains resources for all your learning needs. 

Library chair and laptop

The University of London, like most universities, has an online library within reach to all registered students. However, its uniqueness comes from the relative ease of navigating through numerous quality resources from various academic and professional sources. An added bonus is that students can receive timely assistance from the library team and guides.

My first experience with the online library was incredible, as I had anticipated some level of difficulty from prior encounters with physical libraries. To be frank, I expected the same or worse from a virtual library. The online library has proven highly useful, not only in terms of materials strictly limited to my course of study, but also in a more far-reaching sense, as it provides access to numerous journals, books, databases and more. These resources had previously been beyond my reach, but by logging into the Online Library, I have access to a wealth of material to help me with my studies.

The University of London library, according to many classmates of mine, as well as other past and current students, has been a prime source of materials for handling coursework. In addition, when reflecting on their experience with the University of London, they shared the view that the Online Library had provided them with numerous materials of varying categories, across many different study programmes.

Despite the clear advantages of the online library evidenced here, some students do not avail themselves of its many benefits. There is an occasional complaint about the difficulty of navigating through the library, for instance. However this does not take into account the many helpful services available to students such as library tours, live chats, student support, and more.

The University of London Online Library also provides greater access to materials and resources with high restriction, which would otherwise be inaccessible.

When searching for materials and resources for my coursework, the Online Library has been highly efficient and helpful, and I recommend it to students not currently utilising it. The library is one of the wonderful privileges offered by University of London to students, in aiding a quality learning experience.

Edidiong is studying the MSc in Professional Accountancy via distance learning in Nigeria