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Day in the life of a law student in Guernsey


Written by
Rebekah J.

Our new Day in the Life series shows you a glimpse of what life is like for your fellow students. This week, we're taking a glimpse inside LLB student and paralegal Rebekah's day.

Hi, I’m Rebekah and I live in Guernsey, which is a small island in the Channel Islands. I work full-time as a paralegal at a law firm and I’m in my last year of my degree. I’ve been working since 2017; I started studying towards my degree in 2018.

Today is a Wednesday, a work day. Most of my days are the same, to be honest, unless it is a weekend or a bank holiday!

07:00: My boyfriend’s alarm goes off. That’s okay though, because I’ve got another half an hour until I need to be up. I put some background noise on my headphones and head back to sleep to grab those extra few minutes.

07:30: My alarm goes off. I start work at 9am, and even though my commute is only ten minutes (no commute is very far in Guernsey!), I like to leave at 8:30am. I know I only need half an hour to get ready, so I get out my phone and scroll through social media. I like to do my daily Wordle and New York Times mini crossword before I get out of bed, and I’ll often do a little bit of Duolingo as well – I’m currently learning Norwegian.

08:00: I finally get out of bed and get ready. I pack my bags and am sure to include my study stuff in case I get some spare time during the day. Then, I leave by 8:30am.

08:40: There’s a parking space outside my favourite café, so I stop by and grab an oat milk latte – no better way to start the day!

Woman holding coffee cup in front of sea view

08:50: I then pop into the supermarket to grab anything I need. Today, it’s my lunch!

09:00: I get to the office by 9am, which is my contracted starting time. The view from my office is quite special! Today’s a Wednesday, and as I’m my department’s Court Clerk, I circulate the agenda for this week asking if there’s anything to be added. Mustn’t forget 4pm filing.

10:30: I try not to eat breakfast too early, so if the latte didn’t fill me up enough, I have my breakfast now. Normally some muesli or porridge will set me up well for the day.

12:30: Time for lunch. If I don’t have any plans with work colleagues or friends, I’ll head up to our staff room and get started on my study for the day. I try to keep to my schedule so any pockets of study I can get in really help. I get an hour and a half for lunch, so plenty of time to get my teeth stuck in.

14:00: Now I go back to work! I work in dispute resolution and today I’m giving most of my attention to a personal injury matter. I need to write a couple of letters and amend our client’s schedule of loss as we’ve now received some expert reports.

17:30: I finish up my work and make sure to log my time for the day, as I’m a billing fee earner. I pack up my stuff and head home.

Sea view

17:45: My boyfriend works in education so is normally home before me. He’s usually having some quiet time playing a game when I get home. We catch up and decide what we’re having for dinner. We’re staying at my parents’ this weekend, so I get some things packed ready to go tomorrow night.

18:30: Dinner is cooked and served. Tonight, I’m having sweet and sour chicken with rice – one of my favourites!

19:00: After I’ve eaten and cleaned up after myself, I get set up at my study station. This evening I’m covering some more content and then I’m going to do a practice question. Application is so important in a law degree, so whilst knowing the content is a good start, you must be able to use it too!

Desk with two screens, a pink lava lamp and notebook

23:00: Right, I’m about finished now. It’s time for bed, night everyone!

Rebekah studies the LLB in Guernsey.

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