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Eight statements to build skills


Written by
Tamecah O.

In this student blog, Tamecah shares eight statements that she reads daily to help her recognise her strengths.

Man writing list

During my studies I was fixated on assigned module reading and essay writing, because reading and writing are fundamental components of becoming a legal professional. But is it all about academic supremacy or does character and life experience bring anything to the table? The following eight statements are inspired by my internships with an immigration and commercial law firm, where training focused on personal management skills and leadership training. Before events, I read the eight statements aloud and make a conscious effort to develop these characteristics and skills.

If you're home alone during lockdown with no way to exercise these skills then you should pay attention to how you interact with others on social media (i.e., LinkedIn). The key is recognising the areas that could be improved to leave a lasting impression. This list is personal and yours may be different! I tell myself the following:

1 - I am intelligent
I understand and apply knowledge analytically. I am inquisitive and can deal with a broad range of situations calmly. I bring insight to discussions, but I am also ready to learn.

2 - I am emotionally intelligent
Despite any situation, I possess the ability to manage and control my emotions. I am self-aware and have empathy for others.

3 - I have common sense
I make sound judgements in practical matters and I do not overthink.

4 - I am enthusiastic
I am excited about studying law. The University of London provides excellent module support and work experience opportunities which I make the most of. I recently joined the International Bar Association and plan to apply for volunteer opportunities in the human rights sector.

5 - I am resilient
I can adapt to change, I learn from my mistakes, and I bounce back from failure. Nothing can stop me. I am bound for greatness.

6 - I am an effective communicator
My message is clear, direct and has been successfully delivered, received and understood by the recipient. I am a great listener and encourage feedback.

7 - I take initiative
"Initiative is doing the right thing without being told."

8 - I am organised
I accomplish goals by creating daily tasks that are prioritized and monitored from concept to completion. Staying organised in my academic years will cultivate diligent behaviour in in my career.

Perhaps my list could be a starting point for you to build on. I suggest you come up with a list of your own and make your declarations out loud before you start your day. The key is recognising your strengths and the areas you need to improve.

Remember, you have what it takes to succeed!

Tamecah studies the LLB in Canada.