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My experience studying at a Recognised Teaching Centre


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Written by Rohan D.

Online, distance and flexible learning, while thoroughly enriching, can present some challenges. In my experience, studying at a Recognised Teaching Centre has made my journey simple and rewarding.

Rohan studying in the library

Studying any social science requires a combination of interdisciplinary training, developing a strong analytical approach and undoubtedly, a detailed understanding of the theoretical framework that underpins the subject. As discussed in my previous blog post, University of London (UoL) programmes emphasise a well-rounded programme for studying the social sciences.

With this in mind, I decided to pursue my UoL degree at one of its Recognised Teaching Centres, Podar World College. Studying at Podar has further enriched my UoL education.

Here’s why:

1 Local academic supports

The University of London provides access to a Virtual Learning Environment, an exhaustive library, lectures from academics and a plethora of assessment resources. These resources are undoubtedly a cornerstone of my education, but I have also found academic support from my Teaching Centre to be key in helping me understand the concepts covered in my modules. They have helped me to prepare effectively for assessments and apply the knowledge I have gained from the UoL curriculum to analyse and solve real-world problems. Having access to professors who have decades of industry and academic experience has helped me to cope with the rigour of UoL modules. Studying under the guidance of professors who have extensive experience in their fields has undoubtedly helped me in making the most out of the UoL curriculum.

2 Preparing for academic research

I have always been fascinated with the prospect of applying my knowledge of Economics and Finance to empirical research of real-world phenomena. However, conducting academic research requires identifying a topic of interest, outlining hypotheses and applying empirical techniques in combination with a strong theoretical framework. Fortunately, I received extensive support for all my research projects from teachers at my Teaching Centre. Due to the variety of course, options offered by UoL, I was able to get feedback from teachers across various disciplines, which allowed me to approach my research from an economic, mathematical, sociological and psychological perspective - as any research in social science warrants.

3 Support from LSE academics

In addition to the online sessions organised by UoL, my Recognised Teaching Centre often runs lectures and revision sessions hosted by LSE academics. Recently, we hosted Dr James Abdey, Associate Academic Director for the University of London International Programmes. These sessions were an opportunity for me to learn from some notable professors in their respective fields. Further, Dr Abdey also offered insights into module selection and guidance on career advancement. Overall, such sessions are an invaluable addition to the online resources provided by UoL.

4 Connecting with like-minded individuals

In my experience, any learning is incomplete without having the opportunity to discuss the content with others to obtain different perspectives, debate real-world issues and learn from my peers. My Recognised Teaching Centre also offers the option to join various clubs that have allowed me to develop my extracurricular interests, learn new skills and spend time with like-minded individuals!

The University of London has, without question, a very strong supportive framework for students pursuing online, distance and flexible learning. Coupled with my experience learning at Podar World College, I have been able to make the most out of my syllabus, learn how to apply my learnings to real-world problems, develop some invaluable personal skills and most importantly, have a fulfilling education!

Rohan is studying Economics and Finance in India.