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How the diversified nature of a Computer Science degree has enriched my life


Written by
Moumita Mou

Moumita shares how her programme has prepared her for a career in the global technology industry.

Computer science

As a BSc Computer Science  student at the University of London, I can confidently say that the diversified nature of the programme has really enriched my life and has changed my perspective from a local point of view to a global one.

The overall diversified design of the programme's curriculum has provided me with the opportunity to focus on diverse perspectives and varying cultures, which was really amazing to experience.

Throughout my time on the programme, I had the opportunity to work with students from different parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. I also collaborated with students from different backgrounds for different group projects related to coursework. This has not only helped me understand different cultures and perspectives but has also enabled me to broaden my own horizons, developing a global outlook.

Moreover, the faculty members here come from diverse backgrounds, and have added their extensive experience in the field of computer science and bought their unique perspectives and insights into the classroom.

This provided me with a well-rounded education which I believe has helped me to shift my vision to fit the global perspective even more. I also had the opportunity to learn from professors who had worked in various parts of the world and  their experiences and knowledge has really helped me a lot.

Diversity within tech is one of the most important aspects of the industry. Including diversity within the degree really encouraged us to embrace diversity and taught us valuable tech skills from a globalised perspective.

I can now see the world as a place of endless opportunities and possibilities, and I feel I will be better equipped to navigate the global technology industry once I graduate.

The programme has helped me develop cross-cultural communication skills, which I believe is one of the key essentials in today's interconnected globalised world.

To conclude, my programme has really played an important role in enriching my life. Indeed, the curriculum, faculty members, opportunity to work in collaboration with peers from different cultures and the opportunities for interactive learning have all contributed to my personal growth and development.

I am looking forward to applying the skills and knowledge gained from this programme to make a positive impact on the world in the near future.

 Moumita studies BSc Computer Science in Bangladesh.