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How my friends helped me to thrive academically


Written by
Edidiong I.

As an individual, I have always valued friendship and indeed, relationships! Many are of the opinion that friendships are only successful between similar people but studies have shown the reverse to have greater impacts. Friends, and indeed good friends, have been a huge part of most success stories.

Two female friends smiling

As someone who celebrates diversity, a key to versatility and access to a greater global community, I must say, I absolutely love making friends. I try to make friendships easy and worthwhile to my friends as well! You gain more and have fun by following a friendship mantra that variety is the spice of life.

While it is worth noting that not all friends behave the same, they are valued the same and can provide different memories. Friendships (which in my case include family) are valuable as they provide motivation, which, in addition to inner zeal, can lead to the realisation of unbelievable levels of success! As a University of London student, I had been determined to get the most out of the student experience and I did. I made friends with course mates and they provided a great deal of support, considering we were all in similar study, work and family cycles. The friendships built during study catapulted into deeper career and general support beyond the completion of modules. One important factor observed was the identification and coming to terms with the reality that as unique individuals, there is a lot to be learnt and celebrated in differences.  

The support system built by friends prior to and during my study at the University of London helped make coursework seem less daunting as study sessions were organised, taking into consideration the different time zones and schedules of friends. Additionally, there were moments when difficulties experienced by some course friends were shared, reflecting the reality of student or personal struggles, with others sharing useful tips on overcoming these issues.

Family and friends outside of the University of London also gave me immense support by providing an enabling environment, through their understanding and periodic check on my focus levels and progress with studies. I felt relived not to be burdened with the threat of losing valuable friendships and family connections due to my academic commitment. Once I made my schedule known to close friends and family, I was encouraged through calls and occasional checks to know if I was sticking to pre-agreed schedules and this aided accountability.

To celebrate International Friendship Day 2020, I am sending appreciation to my family, my close friends, those friends made prior to, during, and after study at the University of London (too many to mention). Thank you for constantly ensuring that your presence is never a distraction, but rather an enabling avenue to propel towards achieving success and excellence. I appreciate the support and dedication to my progress and continuous development. You deserve all the accolades! Thank you for staying true!

Edidiong studied the MSc in Professional Accountancy in Nigeria.