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How my life changed


Written by
Mohammad A.

The journey that led me to study at the University of London was far from typical. Here are my tips for success. 

Law books placed on table

On 1st March 2006, I suffered an accident in which my right hand was so badly injured that even after various surgical interventions, the lost sensation and range of motion of my right hand could not be regained. My difficulties multiplied when my marriage broke down. With my disability, as well as minimal academic qualifications and employment prospects, I was constantly wondering how I could make a positive change. I managed to gather my remaining courage and joined a law firm in the capacity of a part-time interpreter.

However, this was simply not enough. After careful research and consideration, I submitted an application for Diploma in Legal Studies (professional stream) with HKU SPACE and with adequate hard work, understanding, discipline, and typing my answers with my left hand only, successfully completed DLS in one sitting.

My journey with the University of London: LLB
As you can see, my journey has been far from typical, and I have encountered difficulty and adversity. Below, I outline my tips for study success, based on my experience in the LLB with the University of London.

1.Read to understand
The best time to start reading the available literature is immediately after examinations. It is my belief that if this period of time (after exams and before the beginning of next year) can be put to completing the coming readings, it will inevitably solidify one’s understanding.

2. Physical and mental presence
It is of paramount importance that students attend all lectures, and should do their best to completely understand what is being taught.

3. Pre-emptive reading 
Our “second” reading of the available material begins from this point onward but in a systematic manner. When a new topic is introduced, the very first thing which ought to be done is to read through, at least twice, and understand all the relevant literature on the said topic. Not only will this solidify your understanding of the phenomena but it will also consolidate your prior knowledge. The importance of this will become evident when you start to answer previous examination questions.

4. Time-management, discipline, confidence
The problem most commonly associated with studies is a lack of the above skills. Overwhelmed by the enormity of their studies, many students experience a combination of frustration, anxiety, loss of interest, and despair. The key aspects to focus on when experiencing these thoughts and feelings are a solid understanding of the material (preparation for exams) and ensuring that the answers given in exams are well-explained.

5. Value of proof-reading
This is definitely a game changer.  Your preparation should be based upon your subject guide and all essential readings, but carefully proof-reading your work will help ensure it is of a high standard.

Mohammad is studying the LLB in Hong Kong.