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Insights into the MPACC


Written by
Edidiong I.

Studying with the University of London has enhanced my career in several ways. 

Calculator and balance sheet

The MSc in Professional Accountancy, unlike most courses, is not orthodox.  My exposure to the MPACC has enlightened me, to a large extent, on various issues I have to consider as a finance and accounting professional.

The advent of globalisation has increased the scope of relevant issues to be considered by such professionals, leading to a multitude of different factors we had not previously considered. Increased cross-border trade, foreign direct investment and ease of establishment of multinational corporations, amongst other things, make this an influential process.

The academic content of the MPACC is organised in a manner that allows students to investigate major economic and financial issues globally, which are of increasing importance.  By partaking in this course, I have become more aware of critical details on major financial issues, through in-depth analysis. I have also developed my analytical and research skills. Further, I have been exposed to a number of different points of view regarding the topics I have studied, and discovered how they are applied across different countries and economies.

My experience with this University of London degree has prepared me to take up roles in all company types, including multinational companies, and many more. Through the course, I have gained knowledge of associated external regulatory and supervisory factors, as well as the capability to advise adequately.  This is because most professionals naturally focus more on their own individual roles in respective companies, unaware of their impacts on corporate objective achievement or on company-wide compliance with world-class benchmarks.

In addition, adjusting to the demands of the MPACC has improved my time management, as well as prioritisation and keeping to deadlines, which have been major requirements throughout.  From my interaction with past and current students, effective time management has been the key to successfully getting through the program and indeed, every other academic field of study.  However, this has ensured an enjoyable learning experience, through exposure to opinions of fellow students in diverse countries and with a range of career specialisations.

I would recommend the MPACC to every finance and accounting professional as it give us knowledge of salient global issues, as well as increasing our competitiveness and ability to add value in our work. 

Edidiong studies the MSc in Professional Accountancy via distance learning in Nigeria.