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Making the most out of your time with UoL


Written by
Kyle J.

Are you wondering how to make the most of your time at the University of London? Kyle shares his tips in this blog.

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Being in a university is an interesting experience to say the least. Depending on the degree, you’ll most likely be studying for a couple of years. That’s quite a long time! Here’s how I think you can squeeze all the fruitful juice out of your time here at the University of London.

1. Adaptability and positivity

Honestly, not everything is going to be smooth sailing. Things might go wrong! This is where I would encourage you to be optimistic and supportive, not just to other students but to yourself as well. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the things that aren’t working and have a negative outlook, but this isn’t going to be beneficial to your studies and your career. If things go wrong, be proactive and work around the problem in a positive manner. I believe being adaptable is a vital skill that will no doubt benefit you in and outside of the university.

2. Use the career resources!

University of London has a vast number of resources dedicated to helping you at various stages of your career development. Use them! They are an invaluable source of knowledge, which can range from how to build a CV and interview skills, to visa options in the UK and insights from alumni. No matter the course you take, learning how to make yourself more employable is important and it shouldn’t be overlooked while you’re studying. Not only do I think the curated resources are great, the global class of alumni at UoL is wide and diverse. If you get the chance to network with some of them, you’ll get insight on what you need to do to get into their field. 

3. Say “yes”

The opportunities here are almost limitless. Being a student grants you the ability to do things you might not have been able to do otherwise. For example, being a university student allows you to use the Forage! I recently completed the virtual internship from EA, for Software Engineering on the Forage. Isn’t that amazing? Point being don’t limit yourself, as I take a BSc in Computer Science I know that every year Google Summer of Code runs, and if you’re a game developer there are multiple game jams that run throughout the year. Some opportunities won’t come directly from the university, but you should say yes to as many as you can.

4. Study

This one probably goes without saying, but if you want to go far and do well here you have to study. Attend all the lectures and if you’re a distance learner watch and attend the webinars. Take in as much of the information you’re being given and make notes. Don’t be afraid to ask when you’re stuck. Timetable your exam dates, be organised, and prepare yourself in the best way you can to get high grades. Make it a habit to be this engaged, and you will succeed. There’s no “hack” to getting good grades, you just need to put the effort into studying.

5. Make friends

Not only do you already have something in common, but the other students in your degree will most likely end up in careers that you’re trying to get into yourself! You shouldn’t just expect to make friends, you’ll have to be proactive and put yourself out there. Be positive and helpful, join a community or club, or just speak to people directly. Going through university without the support of peers can be lonely and challenging. Make friends, study, and have fun together! When I’ve been struggling with coursework, I’ve turned to some of the friends I’ve made here at UoL and not only has it helped, but I also couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like if I didn’t have them around.

6. Be passionate about your degree

I think that you should always be eager. Curiosity promotes learning, and you should always be curious. Do the extra reading and be encouraged to further your knowledge independently. It’s normally quite easy to do the extras when you know you like the course or the content. It is worth remembering that you are studying something really fascinating at a high level, by lecturers that are experts in what they’re teaching. Not everyone can say that!

Everyone’s university experience is different, I hope that yours is as exciting and fun as mine currently is, and I do hope that the tips I’ve given here help you maximise the time you spend here at University of London!

Kyle studies BSc Computer Science in the UK.