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Managing the study of management


Written by
Tanishka P.

If you are considering a management course, read on to find out what Tanishka loves about her course and how she applies the knowledge to her life.

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Management can seem daunting, with all the information one needs to memorise and essays that need to be written, but here are a few reasons why I am loving the study of business management in a global context. I hope that by the time you reach the end of this blog you cultivate a strong interest for it too!

1.    It is all around you!
Having come to the end of the ‘Business and management in a global context’ course, I have realised that it has a lot to offer. I have been able to apply the knowledge I’ve gained from my classes and textbooks to everything that is happening around me. For instance, the impact Covid-19 has had on all the major world economies and multinational companies, and how world leaders are responding and tackling these unfortunate times.

2.    Gain exposure to diverse cultures and norms.
Management and people go hand in hand. In today’s age of social media and usage of the internet, it’s impossible to be unaware of different cultures and religions. Understanding these cultures on a deeper level allows you to be more open-minded and respectful towards other individuals and their beliefs.

The idea that studying business management would educate me on different belief systems astonished me at first. But as the course progressed, I was able to understand the correlation and importance of these unique cultures to the world of business and trade.

3.    Gives you a taste of the real world.
You are not just studying the content or writing essays! Although I have to revise the information multiple times, I am amazed with the ease at which I am able to apply my learning to real life situations, for example, when I am watching the news or reading articles, I am able to link the content I have learnt to current events.
4.    Practical content.
The study of ‘Business and management in a global context’ involves practical activities, including research, business reviews and case studies of major businesses. For instance, I learnt how businesses such as Starbucks and IBM evolved to become the colossal corporations that they are now, and why firms such as Xerox failed. 

It has enhanced my research skills and I am becoming much more acquainted with the strategies and decisions that these companies implemented in order to yield their results.

Through this, you are not only learning the theories made by the scholars of the business world, but rather learning to identify how major firms used these theories in their operations and have achieved success.

If you are thinking about choosing a management related degree and you are comfortable assimilating wide-ranging information, then  this course may be as enjoyable for you as it is for me. And if you are already taking this course, I hope this blog was relatable!

Tanishka studies Economics and Management from Kenya.