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The significance of preparing before university: leveraging MOOCs for comprehensive learning


Written by
Dong-Wan Seo

Dong-Wan explores the significance of studying MOOCs, popular platforms to use and how they can play a crucial role in preparing for university.

Dong Wan Seo
Dong-Wan Seo

Embarking on your academic journey at university is a pivotal moment as it marks the transition to a higher level of education and personal growth. Although the university experience is undeniably transformative, it's equally important to recognise the value of preparation. One effective way to prepare is by leveraging Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Embracing the pre-university journey

The transition from high school to higher education can be a challenging one because universities often operate at a faster pace and the coursework can be more demanding. Acquiring foundational knowledge before starting university can significantly ease this transition. MOOCs, such as those available on Coursera, edX and Udemy, provide an excellent platform for this preparation. They offer a diverse range of courses that can serve as a bridge between your high school education and university-level learning. By enrolling in these courses, you can build essential skills and develop a strong academic foundation, which is essential for your success at university.

Programme specific MOOCs

One of the most remarkable advantages of MOOCs is the diversity of topics they cover. Let's explore how popular MOOC platforms can cater to students on various academic programmes:

For STEM programmes

Coursera: Offers courses like "Introduction to Computer Science" and "Calculus" to help students solidify their foundation in mathematics and computer science.

edX: Provides courses like "Fundamentals of Engineering" and "Programming for Data Science" that prepare students for STEM-related programmes.

For Humanities and Social Sciences programmes

Coursera: Offers courses such as "Introduction to Psychology" and "Introduction to Philosophy" to enhance your understanding of these disciplines.

edX: Provides courses like "Introduction to Literature" and "History of the World" to build your knowledge in humanities and social sciences.

For Business programmes

Coursera: Offers courses like "Financial Markets" and "Marketing" to help students develop a foundational understanding of business principles.

edX: Provides courses such as "Entrepreneurship" and "Introduction to Finance" for aspiring business programmes.

Tailored learning and skill development

MOOCs allow you to explore subjects relevant to your intended programme or general fields of interest. Whether it's coding for computer science or introductory business courses for aspiring entrepreneurs, these platforms offer a multitude of courses that can help you develop specific skills.

For example, Udemy is known for its practical, skill-based courses. Whether you want to learn a programming language, graphic design, or even digital marketing, Udemy provides a plethora of courses tailored to skill development which enhances your readiness for university.

Building confidence and time management

University life often requires excellent time management skills and self-discipline. MOOCs, with their self-paced nature, allow you to practice managing your time effectively. By completing MOOCs, you can build confidence in your ability to study independently, ensuring that you start university with a strong foundation in these crucial areas.

In conclusion, the significance of studying before embarking on your university journey cannot be overstated. It provides you with a head start by enhancing your foundational knowledge. Leveraging MOOCs from platforms like Coursera, edX and Udemy, you can better prepare for your programme, develop essential skills and gain confidence in your academic abilities. This preparation not only enhances your prospects for success at university, but also sets the stage for a rich and fulfilling educational experience. So, take the initiative, start your pre-university journey today and make the most of the abundant learning opportunities offered by MOOCs.

Dong-Wan Seo studies BSc International Relations.