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Spread kindness today!


Written by
Haala H.

Acts of kindness don't have to cost a penny. In this blog, Haala shares some ideas on how you can spread kindness.

Four women in colourful jackets with their arms around each other

Kindness is – and always will be – one of the most beautiful and powerful forces for good that exists in the entire world. Why? Because kindness is love!

Love is the invisible thread that appears through acts of kindness. It exists as heartfelt words of encouragement, thoughtful gestures, and compassionate acts of generosity many of us witness, perform and receive as we move through life. In a world filled with struggle and pain, kindness is like a deep cleansing breath that rejuvenates us with its purity, refreshes us with its goodness and gives us the strength to persevere despite our troubles.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing fear and panic but it is also inspiring beautiful acts of kindness around the world. During this crisis people have delivered free groceries, paused rent for tenants and called to check in on seniors.

Though kindness is free, the world is still in dire need of it. Choose to be good to people without expecting anything in return. If you don’t know where to start, here are some random acts kindness you could try:

  • If you know anyone who is unwell, take five minutes to send a get well soon card. It will lift their spirits.
  • Cook an extra portion of dinner for someone who needs it.
  • Say thank you to someone who made a difference to you.
  • Sometimes we shy away from people when we know they are having a rough time. We assume we should wait for them to approach us, so we are not intruding. Instead, ask them how they are doing. Many people will be relieved to have someone to talk to. If you don’t ask they might never mention anything to you.
  • Do something special that you know a loved one will appreciate. You could surprise those who care for you by baking a cake or helping them with household chores.
  • Donate things you no longer need instead of saving them in case you need them in the future. There are people who may need it now.
  • Don’t ignore the next homeless person you see. Ask if you can buy them food or a drink.
  • Call a friend, family member, or neighbour who may be lonely.
  • If you can, donate a small sum of money to a charity you love.

This start of your University year, let those around you know how much you care! Seek out an opportunity to help every day. Every small interaction with someone is an opportunity to have a positive impact on their life and yours. When you look, you’ll find opportunities to perform random acts of kindness. When you take those opportunities to perform acts of kindness, you’ll feel great!

Haala studied the LLB in Pakistan.