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Student Blog

My three-year journey with the University of London


Written by
Haala H.

In this student blog, Haala looks back at her three-year journey with the University of London and looks forward to her future career.

Woman sitting down with book open on her lap

“What do you want to do after graduation?”
“What are your plans for your future?”
“Any career goals?”

These are the questions that used to haunt me in my sleep.

When I embarked on my LLB study journey with the University of London, my first thoughts were; “it’s time to reward myself”. I can tell all new students from my personal experience that the journey is worth it! Studying my bachelor’s from the University of London has given me access to the minds of the world-class researchers and cutting-edge research. More than the ceremonious act of graduating this year, it would be the learning experience that I will treasure most. The fact that thousands of students like me from all over the world have been given a chance to study at their own pace is truly wonderful. The egalitarian nature of the programme is something to be truly celebrated.

Throughout this journey I have inspired myself! I always have full confidence in my abilities, and I was determined to chase my dream of studying the LLB. No obstacle was too big or too small for me to handle because what lies inside me was greater than what was ahead of me. For me, life is unpredictable and that is the beauty of it.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s graduation ceremony might not take place in the traditional way. This doesn’t mean I should let the priceless moment pass away without a celebration. After all the hard work I have put into achieving my degree, I feel it is my duty to celebrate those precious moments with my loved ones.

After graduation, my plan is to pursue the Bar at Law degree. Life’s most persistent and urgent question is; “what are you doing for others?” As a lawyer I want to serve humanity and uphold justice.

My studies would not have been possible were it not for the constant support from my parents and little sisters. I am highly grateful to my Dad for not only encouraging me to study Law with the University of London, but for supporting me financially and emotionally. My whole family has been such a support, their trust, love and belief in me has made me who I am today!

Haala studied the LLB from Pakistan.