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Waiting for exam results


Written by
Haala H.

The wait to find out your exam results can seem never-ending. Follow these simple steps to help calm your nerves.

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Waiting for exam results is a feeling which is difficult to express.
Believe me, we all get it. That sickly feeling of dread, nerves & fear as results loom. Students of all ages, the world over, begin their yearly panic.

It may seem a horrifically scary and daunting prospect, but you can manage it! There is no need to panic, to worry, or fret. Like every other person out there waiting for these exams results, you will come out the other side, & whatever happens, you will be OK.

Even the most diligent and talented students sometimes struggle in exams. The outcome of an exam does not define you, or your intelligence. Whilst results are important, they are not the only indicator of a well-rounded education. Success doesn’t come from results, but from the effort you put in. Being the best is far less important than doing the best you can. Knuckle down, work hard and the results will speak for themselves.

Here are my recommendations for reducing stress at exam results time:

Don’t bottle your feelings up
If you are nervous, talk about it. Tell your family or friends or write it down in a diary. Don’t be embarrassed about your feelings – you might think nobody else is feeling this way, but chances are they are. Talking to a parent about your nerves can help put things in perspective. Bottling up stress can make it worse, so don’t keep it all inside.

Stay busy, social and productive
Make a plan, stay busy and have fun before results day! Ask to have a family trip, go bowling, bake some treats in the kitchen or see film at the cinema. You may want to arrange some quality time with your friends if you think it might help with results day stress. Feeling absorbed is a great way to give yourself a break from thoughts that are bothering you.

Nourish your mind and body
If you really need to release some stress, go for a run. This will help clear your mind & is also a good workout. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Exercise helps to oxygenate the brain & release tension, helping you to keep calm mentally relax.

Listen to music
Music can have a very powerful impact on the way you feel. Classical music has a soothing effect but any music you love will be enough to calm you down. Unwind by listening to something chilled, or crank up the volume & sing your heart out. Whatever works for you!

Get a good night’s sleep
This may be the last thing on your mind the evening before results day, but a good night’s sleep will put you in a good frame of mind to face what lies ahead.

So, if things don’t go as planned, don’t panic! Scoring low marks is not the end of the world! There are many famous achievers who didn’t succeeded in their first attempt but that didn’t dishearten them.
And if you do get the exam results you wanted, a massive well done to you and make sure you celebrate your tremendous achievement.

Good Luck!

Haala is studying the LLB via distance learning in Pakistan.