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Why study a BSc in Marketing?


Written by
Battsirai M

BSc Marketing student Battsirai shares how marketing impacts our everyday lives, from our self-image to the adverts we see on social media.

Battsirai visiting Hong Kong, studies BSc Marketing

Making a choice to study Marketing at university can be an exhilarating and challenging experience. The programme at the University of London is massively enhanced with knowledge and skills to learn which will really benefit you in the corporate world.

As a Marketing student, I am quite impressed that all aspects of the programme are applicable to my daily working life. One of the most important elements of the programme is learning to understand the customer.

Marketing is one kind of study that has customers at its heart. The two are inseparable as marketing focuses on understanding customer needs, wants, and consumer desire, which is effective in creating products, successful marketing campaigns and delivering services that satisfy the customer’s needs. This helps to build long-term relationships with customers and business chains. I call these key elements of a marketing programme.

The most amazing and exciting feeling is to know what your customer’s needs are, and being able to do this is a game changer in this consumer society.

Through courses in consumer behaviour, market research, and segmentation I have learned how to analyse and interpret data which is qualitative and quantitative to gain insight into consumer preference and behaviours. This knowledge can then be used to develop effective marketing strategies that target specific customer needs and appeal to their unique taste.

Studying the marketing programme and applying it to daily life, I was interested to realise how marketing and brands have taken over our lives.

As a simple example, social media platforms were mainly for interaction and exchanging messages before, but nowadays they are the most prominent marketing platform whereby personal data is being collected and brands have started to show adverts that suit our taste.

When we as consumers decide to live branded lives, we can not only keep it to ourselves; social media is where we live the most! Taking pictures of branded clothing, jewellery, 5-star dinners, holidays and posting our stories makes you realise this is all marketing. This has been referred to as bio-political marketing.

Moreover, it is through studying marketing that we are able to understand customers, which can help in developing ethical marketing practices. By putting the needs and wants of customers first, as a student you can learn how to create marketing campaigns that are not only effective but also socially responsible.

Nowadays consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions on society and the environment. Marketing can help consumers to make decisions based on their values.

In summary, studying a marketing degree at the University of London is the best decision I have ever made because marketing is an important aspect of business that helps organisations achieve their goals.

I have learned how to effectively read and interpret data, promote products, and services, understand consumer behavior, develop strategies to reach target markets, and measure the success of marketing campaigns.

Remember: At the heart of marketing lies the customer, so understanding the customer is crucial!

Battsirai studies BSc Marketing in Dubai