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Achieving a first class LLB: “the learning goes way beyond the curriculum”


Recent graduate Iqra Rasool studied LLB Law at one of the University of London’s Recognised Teaching Centres: LGS International Degree Programme in Lahore, Pakistan.

Iqra Rasool from Pakistan LLB graduate

Iqra reflects on her experience of distance learning, imparts some valuable tips for success and shares her aspirations for her legal career.

Why did you decide to study the LLB at the University of London? I have always wanted to be a lawyer and I knew that the University of London LLB programme was the perfect choice for me. The flexibility it offers and the convenience of studying for an internationally recognised qualification in my home country appealed to me, and it has definitely been the best decision I’ve made.

What was the most surprising thing you learned during your degree? One of the most valuable and surprising things I learned during my degree was the need to adapt. I was in my second year when COVID hit; the world was suddenly very different and everything required reconsideration. All the teaching methodologies and the study patterns that we had been taught for years had to be changed. It was then, with the help of my teachers, that I strategised my study techniques and adapted to changing circumstances, which led me to score well in my exams. If at that point I had resisted or was unable to transition, I would have not been able to make it through.

What was your favourite thing about your programme? The best thing was the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It provides you with a plethora of online resources which are readily accessible. The University of London’s precise module guides, textbooks, essential readings, and Lecture Plus videos helped me understand complex legal issues and supplement my understanding with further readings.

The past exam papers and examiner reports were of immense help and the formative assessment examples would allow me to get an insight into what the examiner requires for a first-class mark. It would not have been possible for me to graduate with a first-class degree had it not been for these resources on the VLE.

While studying online, how did you connect with other students on your programme? The VLE was a great support in this regard as well. Whenever I felt stuck on a case or was just questioning my decision to study Law, the discussion forum allowed me to connect with fellow Law students from all over the world. I could engage in constructive discussions, hear differing viewpoints and share the exam stress!

How did the University support students during the pandemic? The pandemic certainly added to the difficulty of the degree, but the University made sure to support students despite the challenges. The continued support through Lecture Plus, and online revision and study support sessions while students were unable to attend classes, were of great help and enabled students to continue with their academic endeavours.

With the transition to online exams, the University of London administratively handled everything seamlessly. The video tutorials on the new exam pattern certainly did calm down the pre-exam stress and anxiety.

How does it feel to have graduated? It truly feels amazing to come to an end of an incredible journey that has taught me so much. Attaining a first-class Law degree has not been an easy ride, especially amid the pandemic, but to see years of hard work, sweat, and moments of despair turn into success and to be able to celebrate it feels really special. I am grateful to my teachers, friends and family for the guidance and encouragement throughout this journey.

What are your plans now that you’ve attained your LLB? An LLB from the University of London not only strengthens you academically but also opens up a wide spectrum of career opportunities. After considering various opportunities, I have decided to pursue my academic career. I am working as a tutor at my alma mater, LGS International Degree Programme, providing teaching support to Law students. I plan to start my LLM this year and thereafter to practise in my home jurisdiction.

What advice would you give to prospective University of London students? It will not be easy – but nothing worth having comes easy. Consistency and persistence are the two ingredients that will see you through.

Working hard is important but working smart is way more important. This advice was given by one of my teachers at the very beginning of my degree – it has stuck with me and got me through this challenging journey.

I would encourage all students to be persistent, organised and focused on their studies. Make a study plan, start preparing from day one, do your essential readings and make notes and flashcards for last-minute revision. Do not forget to practise past exam papers, structure your answers and incorporate the VLE articles to win the examiner over and score a distinction!

Would you recommend a University of London degree and why? Definitely! I believe that the University of London runs a great programme for anyone with a passion for law. It not only provides you with the academic knowledge and aptitude but instils the key skills required of a competent lawyer. The learning goes way beyond the curriculum. It certainly is the best programme for aspiring lawyers.

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