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Build your personal brand with the MSc Marketing


Written by
Allie Fitzgibbon

The digital age has transformed the role of the consumer, giving them the power to research and engage with a company at the touch of a button. The demand for marketeers who have the most up-to-date skills and understanding of how businesses can respond to their evolving customer needs is greater than ever. But in a crowded job market, how can you stand out from the competition? We spoke to four students who all see the value of building their personal brand with the MSc Marketing from University of London.

Presenting ideas for company marketing

The University of London, in partnership with Federation member Birkbeck, offers a fully online postgraduate degree in Marketing that is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). With the flexibility to choose individual modules or build up your credits to a full MSc, this programme is the ideal option for working professionals who want to learn while they earn.

After more than 10 years of communication work and six years working in Budapest for an American PR agency, Aneyas Moghe decided he wanted to take a sabbatical and use the time augment his knowledge in communications and branding with a formal qualification in marketing.

Aneyas said: “While I was working for the PR agency I was wearing a lot of hats. My role covered branding, content strategy, marketing strategy – but I felt like I only knew the tip of the iceberg in terms of marketing and I wanted to support what I’ve already learned on the job with more theory and practical examples. This programme is creating a really good foundation for me.”

Aneyas has already had the opportunity to apply his learning to boost his job hunt:

The Digital and Social Media Marketing module has been particularly useful for me. We are encouraged to use our learning as part of the mid-term assessment and I chose to create a content plan to amplify my LinkedIn profile. As I start to look for a job it’s really useful to have this new knowledge and use LinkedIn to best effect.

Dubai-based Saima Hasan is the Head of Marketing and Business Development for a multinational law firm. Juggling a demanding job and family life, Saima needed a programme that would allow her the flexibility to study when it suits her.

“When I first started studying, time management was a challenge and I always advise new students to take on no more than two modules at once. You have to be really organised – the programme content is quite heavy.

“What’s great is I can apply a lot of what I’m learning directly to my role. So for example the Digital and Social Media Marketing module is very practical and I used it to start an Instagram account for the law firm. And International Marketing has been hugely helpful as the firm has offices in 11 countries around the world.”

Saima started a WhatsApp group for students and says there is a hugely supportive community on the programme.

“The tutors are great, they go out of their way to respond to emails almost immediately. But it’s really useful to be able to WhatsApp students as well – we’re sharing what we know with new students and giving them advice from our own experiences and they’re really grateful to have that advance knowledge.”

Sara Tarek is the Founder of an online learning platform called Alimaan Online, which offers instruction in the Quran and courses in Islamic Studies. Sara realised she wanted to have a stronger understanding of topics like consumer behaviour and the customer journey to support her business development.

I studied a diploma in marketing first and then I wanted to take my studies further. University of London obviously has a good reputation and I spoke to my professors at the American University in Cairo and they supported my choice.

Sara explained how the programme is already benefitting her.

“As a business owner it’s so important to understand areas like sales and marketing because it helps you to grow your business. If you’re planning to launch a new product you need to do market research, you need to understand things like buyer behaviour and have a strategy for how you will promote that product. I can already see the applications of what I’m learning to my business.”

Roberto Perez’s background is in hospitality management. After six years leading restaurant, bar and event operations, he decided he was ready to pivot careers by specialising in marketing within the food and beverage industry.

“Originally I thought about studying locally – that’s the traditional way of doing things. But in the digital era there are lots of different opportunities and this programme offered really in-depth study. The fact that it is accredited by the CIM was also a selling point. My dad works in sales and marketing in the pharmaceuticals industry and he advised a programme with CIM accreditation is very reputable.”

As well as the course content, Roberto has particularly enjoyed the careers support he has received through University of London.

The careers advice is really helpful. They offer live webinars on topics like how to present yourself in interviews, so you can ask questions, and the content is tailored to whatever stage of career you’re at. It’s all optional but if you complete the relevant modules it is added to your transcript when you graduate. Career-wise, it’s so useful.

Take the first step in building a compelling personal brand with the University of London’s MSc Marketing.