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Business is becoming more global- and so should business education


Written by
Chris Zacharia

Populism, tariffs, trade wars: it’s easy to think that the world is becoming more divided, but despite the backlash, the business world has never been so connected.

LLM in International Corporate Governance, Financial Regulation and Economic Law

Business travel is proliferating. Working abroad is becoming more common. From advertising strategies to payments systems, corporations are consolidating at a global level, becoming more globally oriented - and more efficient.

So what does this mean for employees? As companies become more connected globally, they need staff with the global mindset and flexibility to match.

For example, the evidence suggests that employees are much more likely to need to travel for business than ever before. Between 2013 and 2018, international business travel increased by 25%. Rather than being a drain on companies, it’s actually making them wealthier. In 2013, Oxford Economics reported that every $1 spent on international business trips returned $9.50 in revenue and $2.90 in profits. This makes a broader understanding of global business trends more important.

At University of London, our Global MBA programme is designed for the new generation of a fully global workforce. As a flexible degree programme that is offered online, the Global MBA allows you to continue working as you learn. You can study remotely according to your own schedule, wherever and whenever suits you. So if your company suddenly needs you to fly to Hong Kong to close a deal, you can continue studying and growing your knowledge.

Whatever your job demands of you, the Global MBA offers a flexible and agile learning environment to suit. For those working in global hubs like Bangalore and Singapore, our locally based Recognised Teaching Centres provide face-to-face lessons, meaning you can choose to study in a classroom environment.

Global corporations are also becoming more diverse, and the more cultural diversity they enjoy, the more profitable they tend to be. In order to be successful, cultural diversity within organisations requires exposure to new ideas, traditions, and schools of thought.

For those looking to succeed in diverse global organisations, it helps to have experienced a culturally diverse educational environment. Our Global MBA attracts students from all over the world. This melting pot challenges students to rethink their assumptions, so that they can emerge with a more plural mindset - and one much more suited to today’s global business world.

It’s not just businesses that are becoming more global. According to Deloitte, their employees are more likely than ever to have worked abroad at some point in their careers. To do so, they need qualifications that are recognised and respected worldwide.

The Global MBA is a world-class business qualification that enjoys global recognition from employers. With partnerships with institutions like ACCA, CIMA and CMA, the Global MBA’s credentials are made even stronger by accreditation from some of the most important professional bodies in management. Wherever our graduates choose to take their career, they can do so equipped with qualifications that get them noticed.

Connection, collaboration, and integration have always been at the heart of trade and commerce. Those who understand these connections are best placed to enjoy their benefits.

Learn more about how our Global MBA can help you gain a first-class perspective of international business