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Five tips to ace your Global MBA application


Written by
Chris Zacharia

So, you’ve decided to study University of London’s Global MBA. You’re raring to get started, but there’s just one thing standing between you and your dream degree: the application.

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Even talented candidates can stumble through their application form. Despite being a relatively straightforward process, it’s surprisingly easy to misunderstand what’s being asked of you.

To help you avoid some of the most common mistakes and ensure a smooth process, here’s our guide to submitting a successful application.

1. Look at our entry requirements

It’s a simple but overlooked fact: the more closely you understand what’s being asked of you, the better you will perform.

When applying for your Global MBA, it’s easy to assume that the best thing to do is to focus on your strengths. But before you tell us about why you’re such a great candidate, spend some time acquainting yourself with the entry requirements and find out if you meet the minimum criteria.

You’ll find exactly what grades, language skills and qualifications we’re looking for, helping you to provide us with exactly what we need.

2. If you’re unsure, go for Entry Route 1

Once you’ve read through the entry requirements, you’ll know that we have two entry routes for applicants, known as Entry Route 1 and Entry Route 2. These routes reflect whether or not you fulfil our key entry requirements.

Not sure which category you fall into? If in doubt, apply for Entry Route 1. All candidates who don’t meet the requirements of the first entry route will be automatically considered for the second. That way, you’ve got all your bases covered.

3. Apply early

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to submit your application at the last minute. If you don’t begin your application early enough, you might suddenly find that you don’t have enough time to complete your application.

Gathering the right certificates, supporting evidence and references can take longer than you think. The earlier you start, the less likely you are to be anxiously pushing the deadline.

You can also submit your application even if you’re still in the process of collating the supporting documents. We’ll then be in touch with you for them later on.

4. Keep it relevant

Most MBA students already have plenty of experience, both in the workplace and beyond. While we’re keen to see why you’re a qualified candidate, you should try to ensure that all your evidence is relevant.

Your CV, work reference, English language proficiency and evidence of previous study are all important factors which we consider carefully. But the more concisely you can demonstrate your skills, the better. Focus on the areas which are most relevant to the programme, and which truly demonstrate the qualities you feel matter the most.

5. Complete all sections of the application form

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often we receive applications from students who fail to finish each section.

The form is designed to help us understand who you are, and how suited you’d be to the Global MBA programme. The less you complete, the harder it is for us to consider you as a fully rounded candidate.

So give yourself the best possible chance: complete each and every section, keeping your relevant skills and qualifications in mind. And don’t forget to leave yourself enough time to read through and double-check what you’ve written!

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