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How a chartership can change your career


Written by
Chris Zacharia

Exploiting a shift in your industry, delivering a great presentation to senior leaders, networking - there are many ways that you can get ahead in your career. But, gaining a chartership is one of the most direct and proven methods of climbing the career ladder.

Hong Kong corporate lawyer

University of London’s Global MBA offers students the chance to achieve Chartered Manager status. As the highest accolade in the profession of management, Chartered Manager status is an accomplishment which impresses employers all over the world.

So how does it work? Graduating from the Global MBA gives you a Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. Provided you’ve got enough work experience, this allows you to gain full Chartered Manager status - and all the benefits that come with it.

They are truly boosting their employability by presenting employers with exactly the skills they seek.

For those who study additional accounting modules, there’s also the option to gain CIMA membership. You’ll also be eligible to sit the CIMA Master’s Gateway exam, accelerating you towards the prestige of full CIMA accreditation. 

Regardless of the industry, Chartered Manager status demonstrates to employers that you possess elite-level understanding of the intricacies of management, from nurturing employees to steering organisations through periods of change.

Anne Francke, CEO of the Chartered Manager Institute, is clear about the benefits that accreditation brings, "When students graduate with a Level 7 Strategic Qualification in Management from CMI as well as a very prestigious University of London Global MBA, they are truly boosting their employability by presenting employers with exactly the skills they seek."

Awarded solely by CMI, Chartered Manager status is also hugely valued by those who hold it. According to an in-depth 2014 survey, accreditation has a high net promoter score of +67, and retention rates of 93%. This strong level of attachment shows that Chartered Manager status is one well worth gaining and keeping hold of.

Chartered Manager status signals a strong grasp of the fundamentals of management. More than four-fifths of Chartered Managers say that they are better managers after achieving accreditation. It also impacts the bottom line. According to CMI, those holding Chartered Manager accreditation represent almost £400,000 in added value to their organisation. They add this value by driving new product development, managing teams skilfully, and improving logistical operations.

Although the ‘hard skills’ of management are important, Chartered Manager status also helps to improve the softer skills which are becoming ever more vital to the profession. Around 93% of managers claim it has improved their self-awareness, and 95% of Chartered Managers believe that it demonstrates their integrity and commitment to ethical behaviour. An even greater proportion (96%) say that Chartered Manager status showcases their commitment to learning and growth.

By studying for the Global MBA, you’ll get a full year of CMI membership, giving you access to support and benefits designed to help you boost your career. Together with the powerful worldwide alumni network of the University of London and the suite of skills and insights gained on the Global MBA, our graduates emerge with the very best chance of succeeding in their organisations.

Boost your career with the benefits of a chartership - apply for University of London’s Global MBA now.