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Introducing the new Sleep Hygiene activity


Written by
Georgina Jeronymides-Norie

We are pleased to introduce our new Sleep Hygiene activity to help students improve their quality of sleep. This activity combines building knowledge around how to create the best circumstances for sleep, with interactive tasks and practical advice on making small changes for maximum impact. 

A bedside table with a lamp and vase of flowers, alongside a bed

'Sleep hygiene' describes the environmental factors and daily habits that can be implemented to optimise sleep. As sleep is vital to health, wellbeing and performance, knowing how to improve and maintain a good quality of rest is a skill that will bring long-lasting benefits to our students. Our new Sleep Hygiene activity aims to promote sleep as a key priority through raising awareness of its importance, offering actionable advice and encouraging students to apply what they have learned so that they can thrive academically, and in all areas of their lives. 

Sleep Hygiene will be helpful throughout the student life-cycle, including the assessment period, which some students may find particularly challenging. As well as changes that can be made gradually, our activity also shares tips for those with more immediate sleep struggles such as insomnia and disrupted sleep.

This voluntary activity is available to University of London flexible and distance learning students after logging in with their Student Login Portal details.

Jo Harris, Associate Director: Student Experience, says:

Student wellbeing is more important than ever and universities have an important role to play in equipping students with lifelong skills that will serve them throughout their studies and beyond. We are so pleased to be offering a resource that does just that. Sleep and rest are renowned for being key components to wellbeing and performance, but it is not always easy to find out how exactly to improve sleep and what to do if you are already struggling with it; our Sleep Hygiene activity bridges that gap between knowledge and action. With our growing number of support resources, we are ensuring our students graduate with both a prestigious qualification and well-rounded life-skills that will benefit them for years to come. I encourage all students to try the Sleep Hygiene activity and begin reaping the rewards that come with improved sleep.

Despite only being live for a short time, Sleep Hygiene has already received positive feedback from students, with comments such as, "I’ve learnt some useful tips on how to prioritize my daily activities that could enable me to sleep better."

The University of London is committed to providing our global community of students with the skills and qualities they need to fulfil their potential and achieve success, and to do so in a way that contributes to their overall wellbeing. We are continually expanding our provision to this end, with the Sleep Hygiene activity being one example of an ever-growing range of resources. 

When students visit the Wellbeing page on their Student Portal, they will find a hub of mental health and wellbeing materials, including helpful articles by staff and students, the Wellbeing Toolkit, the Online Library wellbeing collection, and much more.

Students can also join TalkCampus, the 24/7 wellbeing peer support app with whom we are partnered, which offers students a place to talk and be there for each other, as well as a crisis support line.