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Written by
Allie Fitzgibbon

The University of London and member institution Goldsmiths have partnered with one of the world’s largest online learning platforms, Coursera, to offer a brand new suite of computer science degrees.

Creative computing at home

If you’re considering applying and wondering how online learning compares with traditional face-to-face teaching, then look no further – we asked some of our new BSc Computer Science students for their top tips on how to make the most of being part of the global classroom.

Be self-disciplined 

“If you’re balancing your studies with work or other commitments, then make sure you set aside time each week to login and complete your assignments.” 

- Alexeia Wiesner, BSc Computer Science (Web and Mobile Development), South Africa 

“The course is demanding and you must plan your week to fit it in. Personally, I have an hour’s commute to and from work each day and I listen to the classes on my phone in the car and then go back and review the materials when I get home.”

- Marcello Pires dos Santos Ferreira, BSc Computer Science (Data Science), Brazil 

“Read the University's guidelines on how many hours you should spend studying per semester, per course and try to stick to that. Otherwise you could end up with a work debt and have to catch up.” 

- Dilpreet Singh, BSc Computer Science (Data Science), Canada

Take advantage of the flexibility  

“One of the biggest advantages of online study is how flexible it is – take advantage of that. At the beginning of the programme I was really busy with work and couldn’t start studying immediately but then I could spend a weekend working through a couple of weeks’ study to catch up. Just make sure you’re organised and manage your time.”

- Amanda Maria Bizzinotto Ferreira, BSc Computer Science (Web and Mobile Development), Brazil 

“This degree is a win-win for me. I haven’t had to quit my job and take time out of my career – I’m working and studying on my own schedule.” 

- Dilpreet Singh 

“With traditional face-to-face teaching you can take notes but sometimes you might miss something. With online learning you can always watch the video again. And I like that I can travel around and still access my studies – it’s good not to be tied to one place.” 

- Ricardo Diaz, BSc Computer Science (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence), Peru

The more you put in, the more you get out 

“If you’re new to online learning take time to watch some of the videos twice – that way you can layer your understanding and make sure you don’t miss anything.” 

- Dilpreet Singh 

“I work full time and I don’t always have a lot of extra time to study so when I get the chance I like to dive right in and access as much content as I can. With this programme I can complete four or five weeks’ work in a few days, which is great.” 

- Ricardo Diaz 

“Don’t just watch the materials and complete the assignments – partake in the discussions too. Slack is a great resource if you get stuck.” 

- Alexeia Wiesner

Remember that you’re part of a community 

“My classmates all have different backgrounds and different levels of experience and I’m finding that people are really willing to take the time to explain things. No question goes unanswered on the slack channel.” 

- Amanda Maria Bizzinotto Ferreira  

“I always think you learn something better when you teach it to someone else. With the slack channels and the discussion forums there are lots of different ways to interact. And the teachers encourage you to engage with other students, setting team work. It’s a really good culture.”  

- Ricardo Diaz 

“I think a lot of my classmates have done some foundation study before this degree or are working in the field so they have a lot of knowledge, which is great for shared learning.” 

- Marcello Pires dos Santos Ferreira

Enjoy it! 

“This course is great because they’ve put a lot of effort into making the content interesting and engaging. There’s one module that’s themed around working as a detective and solving puzzles using the skills you’re learning – so you’re having fun while you’re studying.”  

- Alexeia Wiesner 

“I’ve already completed around 30 courses on Coursera – it’s a really well-structured platform that encourages you to study every week. And the content from University of London and Goldsmiths is fantastic. I’m studying in a totally different way and really enjoying it.” 

- Marcello Pires dos Santos Ferreira 

“The lectures are great. The videos are never too long so it’s easy to stay focussed. I’m looking forward to what’s still to come.” 

- Amanda Maria Bizzinotto Ferreira  

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