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May/June Assessments 2023: Maintaining the integrity of your University of London degree


As we enter the summer assessment period, we explore how the University is addressing the impact of new technologies on assessment integrity.

Senate house exterior view from Torrington Square with trees either side.

Our busy summer assessments period is upon us and across the world tens of thousands of students prepare to sit their assessments. 

At the same time, questions on AI and its impact on university studies continue to dominate headlines. 

We at the University of London are committed to safeguarding the integrity of our globally recognised degree awards and we are continuously evaluating our approach in response to new technological developments. 

All work submitted for assessments must be a student’s own, expressed in their own words and written without assistance from a third party. 

The use of Chat GPT and other Large Language Model (LLM) chatbots is strictly prohibited. Where there is cause to suspect that a student’s work is not their own, we may require candidates to undertake an oral examination. 

Students are made aware of the rules relating to plagiarism via their Admissions Notice and in the Rules for Online Timed Assessments which are made available to them in advance of their assessments.  

We encourage students to build their confidence on using external sources by completing the ‘Prepare for your online timed assessments’ course in the Virtual Learning Environment and watching the Online Timed Assessments: Questions and Answers video that is available on the Student Portal

As the format of assessments has evolved through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we have been impressed by our students’ resilience and adaptability to proceed with their assessments in a challenging external environment. 

We take the opportunity here to wish our students every success with their forthcoming assessments.