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MSc Cyber Security addresses not just technical challenges, but also the human aspects of modern-day security


Cyber security is a fast-paced industry and field, developing and adapting as new challenges arise every day. From global cyber-attacks to personal data breaches, security affects all of us in so many ways, most of which we probably are not even aware of.

A professional working in cyber security

The University of London’s MSc in Cyber Security addresses all kinds of modern-day security challenges, helping you understand the role and importance of cyber security in society and in organisations, and working with real-world case studies to reflect new and developing issues.

We spoke to Dr Konstantinos Mersinas, Programme Director for MSc Cyber Security, about the key features of the programme, and how the Royal Holloway research community and human-centric approach set this programme apart from similar courses.

Individuals have more interconnected devices at home than ever before, and this will only increase with the evolution of smart homes and smart cities. With more services being provided online and more exposure to cyber vulnerability, we all need to be aware of the security risks and challenges we face so that we can change our behaviour.

The cyber security industry is evolving quickly, and organisations need to understand and utilise the practices and theories in order to protect themselves from potentially catastrophic attacks.

It is not just big companies and organisations that need to be conscious of cyber security, though. With everyone relying on technology and devices on a personal level in their day-to-day lives – from online banking and signing contracts, to booking appointments and even running businesses – we all need a good understanding of cyber risks and how we can safeguard ourselves.

Konstantinos said, In today’s world, appropriate cyber hygiene, secure habits and behaviours are important to everyone. No-one is immune to cyber-attacks and if people think they are, they are going to be even more vulnerable to threats.

On this programme, you will study how organisations solve problems of security management, the key cryptographic mechanisms and how they can be applied, and how computer systems and networks are made secure.

This knowledge will give you the technical foundations to further your career in every aspect of cyber security – from software and application security, to security management and privacy. For example, you may decide to specialise in the protection of critical systems and national infrastructure, or you could even go on to assist law enforcement and legal teams with cyber investigations.

Developed with Royal Holloway, which established one of the oldest information security programmes in the world, this programme has evolved with decades of expertise. With an active research community continuously feeding new research findings into the course materials, the programme is constantly developing and updating as research, technology and attack methods evolve.

With a range of modules to choose from, you will identify areas that interest you – from cyber-warfare on a global scale, to the human aspects of cyber security and the roles of individuals. The online structure of the MSc Cyber Security programme gives you the freedom of flexibility. If you have a busy job or family commitments, you can manage your own time within the programme structure, pace yourself, and fit your studies around your life.

So whether you are already working in cyber security and you want to expand and broaden your knowledge, or you are an IT or tech professional looking to pivot your career with a cyber security specialism, you will leave with the skills and knowledge needed to master the latest technologies, implement security strategies, and evaluate cyber security risks and challenges in all industries.

Cyber security is imperative to all businesses, and will only become more important as interconnected technologies continue to evolve. Whether you work for a small IT team, or a huge company in any sector, the ability to protect against cyber-attacks needs to be constantly cultivated.

Whatever career path you are working towards, give yourself a competitive edge with an MSc Cyber Security from the University of London.