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MSc Project Management specialisms provide expertise in fast-growing industries


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University of London

Project management is relevant to every department in every organisation. The way all businesses are run is through projects, and we will always need people who are trained to manage them.The University of London’s MSc in Project Management covers all sectors, and now offers two different specialisms that focus on software development and sustainability – two areas experiencing increasing demand for expertise.We spoke to Steven Kendrick, Programme Director for the MSc Project Management programme, about the key differences and opportunities in the two specialisms and how to identify which one could be right for you.

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Software development is a fast-moving industry and projects can often be complex and multi-faceted. Under the clear vision and guidance from a project manager, software development projects are more likely to succeed.

The software development specialism provides you with an in-depth understanding of the software development process, software project planning and software engineering principles. By studying this specialism you’ll gain a full understanding of the industry, as well as the knowledge and skills that you need to work alongside software developers and engineers.

Whatever sector you work in, there are lots of exciting things happening in the digital space.

Steven said, “This specialism is tailored for people who want to work in software development, but not in an engineering or coding capacity. Whether you work in project management already and are looking to pivot into a different industry, or your ambition is to begin your dream career at a software giant such as Facebook or Google, this specialism is a great way to take a step above your peers and show more in-depth understanding of the industry.

“Whatever sector you work in, there are lots of exciting things happening in the digital space. This specialism isn’t just useful for working with the big tech companies, but also for understanding how new technology and software can make the customer experience better from any industry’s point of view.”

Sustainability is becoming more important to all companies as they try to reduce their impact on the environment and prove themselves as sustainable and ethical organisations.

The sustainability specialism focuses on the wider social picture of sustainability in business. It will equip you with the knowledge to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues, providing a practical understanding of how to balance the environmental, social and economic aspects of projects that can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Steven said, “This specialism is for people who are passionate about the future of projects, who look at project management and think ‘how can we do better?’. With a focus on ethics, social sustainability, climate change and the economy, you’ll gain the ability and confidence to manage projects across all sectors with a deep understanding of sustainability and how it can impact the company.

“Students who choose the sustainability specialism might go on to work specifically for the government or in social offices, or they could work in a project management role in any industry and use their specialist knowledge to improve the sustainability of the company’s projects.”

Project management is in every single business, every single organisation, every single government department. Everywhere you look, the way businesses are run is through projects. There is always a requirement in all aspects of life for project managers.

Whichever specialism you choose, the online structure of the MSc Project Management programme gives you the freedom of flexibility. Even if you already have a busy job or family commitments, you can manage your own time, pace yourself and fit in your study around your life.

If you already work in project management, you’re looking to launch a project-based business, or you want an exciting career change, both specialisms provide the opportunity to explore contemporary technologies and practices of project management. You’ll graduate with the skills needed to apply project management theory wherever your career takes you.

If you have ambitions to manage projects in the software development industry or you want to lead on sustainable projects for the future, give yourself a competitive edge with an MSc Project Management specialism from the University of London.