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In perfect harmony: Musicianship, Management and Digital Innovation


Written by
Sevan Gharibian

In his final year as a music composer Sevan Gharibian shares his experience alongside his studies in BSc Management and Digital Innovation and his experience of being a distance learning student.

Sevan Gharibian playing a grand piano

As a young composer I ventured into the University of London world class in 2017 by enrolling on the BSc Management and Digital Innovation programme.

I was seeking to expand my competence on an international level and felt the programme could do this. Having lived in Beirut, Paris, Moscow, and my home city Yerevan, my character has been shaped by a number of multicultural experiences.

I am also currently excelling in my final year studies of BMus Arts in Composition at the Yerevan State Conservatory, where I enrolled at the age of sixteen, I’m developing my creativity in music writing, violin and piano performance, and orchestral conducting with prominent professors in Armenia. I am taking part in masterclasses with world-renowned musicians and learning the invaluable. Vanse, a lexical metathesis of my forename, is my nom de plume for my first poetry book.

My studies at UoL help me to possess an arsenal of deep knowledge and experience; developing skills for multi-tasking, time management, and self-discipline, since I am regularly deluged with information and tasks such as submitting my scores for publication, analysing contemporary works, securing funding for the performance of my string orchestra piece Albedo, and composing my diploma work Cantica for the symphonic orchestra.

Courses are interesting in their global, yet focused, scope and exciting in that they stimulate self-research and activate inventive turns of mind. I cannot wait to receive my books every year, as they encompass up-to-date, clear-cut, yet comprehensive knowledge for each subject, thus creating a comfort zone in my library. The availability of the VLE grants more autonomy in learning, which allows dove-tailing studies and extracurricular commitments.

Whilst experiencing a sense of community seemed difficult at first - since we are all studying from behind our screens - I found it rather easy to connect, socialise, and identify with students from around the world and stay motivated once I explored the Student Forums.

I have recently met UoL students in Armenia during an insightful meeting propitiously invited by UoL staff during their visit to Yerevan. In all these ways, UoL promotes a sense of student community and helps to build not only international but also national connections and friendships.

The world class University of London degree is in accord with my musicianship, as I esteem it central for laying the groundwork for my graduate studies and orchestrating my further achievements in establishing and managing reputable music academies, festivals, and premier recording studios.

Thoroughly immersed in the sea of musical arts, I see myself integrating digital innovations in my field of expertise. I had the immense opportunity of putting my creative stamp on the world’s first real-time AI concert project at WCIT 2019 (World Congress on Information Technology) by orchestrating Armenian sacred music pieces with my colleague which were to be used for the software algorithm. The generation whereof was performed by the ASSO during the exceptional neon opening at the Republic Square.

Experiencing the art of new-age learning at UoL broadens my philosophical perspectives, caressed by the know-how of our technological epoch.

A University of London education means confidence and a luxuriantly growing hope for a prolific career. Diligence is not an end in itself for me, but an endeavour to sow the seeds for tomorrow’s success.

Chalking out my career opportunities with my tastes and tests, chances and choices, wanders and wonders is my primary duty as an admirer of setting about my tree of creative life, gilded with the advantages of education that the University of London delivers.

Vanse, From the Faraday Tent

… You wander on everlasting lugubrious streets you’ve never frequented before,
Encircled by viridescent pieces of wonder—trees, shrubs, bushes.
You inhale.
The redolence reaches your brain.
The pure air stings your brain.
You freshen.
And wonder, ’what a wonderful world.’...