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Study with a teaching centre and enjoy the best of both worlds


Written by
Allie Fitzgibbon

Are you interested in taking your data science career forward? Do you want an internationally recognised UK degree whilst still studying close to home or in your local region? Or are you looking for additional opportunities to advance your skills? Why not consider enrolling with one of our Recognised Teaching Centres around the world. Here we explore the benefits of joining the network of more than 120 centres.

Students discussing music theory with lecturer

The University of London, in partnership with member institution Goldsmiths, has launched a brand new MSc in Data Science. You can enhance your skills and open up new career opportunities with cutting-edge specialisms available in artificial intelligence and financial technology.

As with most of the University of London’s programmes, the MSc in Data Science is available for web-supported study. However, many students feel that they benefit from additional face-to-face learning opportunities and for the MSc in Data Science you also have the option to enrol with a local teaching centre.

Some of our Recognised Teaching Centres in Singapore and Russia will be supporting the programme from April 2020 and more teaching centres will become available in the future.

Additional resources to supplement your learning

If you choose to enrol with a Recognised Teaching Centre you can enjoy the University of London’s world-renowned Virtual Learning Environment while also supplementing your studies with additional tuition.

Mike Winter OBE, Director of Global Engagement at the University of London, explained why this option appeals to over half of our students:

“Studying a University of London programme at a Recognised Teaching Centre helps thousands of students each year to graduate successfully. This is valuable for postgraduate students looking for study support that fits around work and family commitments. Some Recognised Teaching Centres are well geared up to support postgraduate study through seminars and professional workshops, often with expert input from local sectors. And our MSc Data Science is no exception, as we start to deploy this exciting new programme across the Recognised Teaching Centre network.”

As well as face-to-face teaching support you will also have access to the centre’s own library resources and computers.

A lively on-campus experience

Perhaps one of your concerns about virtual learning is the potential to feel isolated. Enrolling with a local teaching centre will give you the opportunity to build your network and make use of any recreational facilities.

Mr Winter continued: “A campus-based environment brings additional benefits such as peer engagement, physical facilities, and other advantages such as clubs and societies, and career guidance.”

The social activities and campus facilities on offer will vary from centre to centre and it is worth exploring what’s on offer before you enrol.

Quality-assured teaching

The University of London works with a network of more than 120 institutions globally, each of which has met a set of quality requirements to ensure that they have the capabilities and expertise to support our programmes.

In order to be recognised as an affiliated teaching centre they must demonstrate how they meet a number of key criteria, ranging from academic management to the facilities on offer and the overall student experience.

You can therefore enjoy the best of both worlds, as Mr Winter explained: “Our teaching centre-based students can enjoy the world class of the University of London with the quality-assured provision of a University of London Recognised Teaching Centre.”

Additional enrolment and fees

Enrolling at a teaching centre is separate from registering as a student with the University of London and you will be required to pay any additional tuition fees charged by that centre.

Some questions to consider

Before you decide whether learning online or through a Recognised Teaching Centre would suit you better, why not do some research and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a Recognised Teaching Centre near me? Search our online directory
  • Does the timing and frequency of classes suit my schedule?
  • What format will classes take? What size are the tutorial groups?

Whether you choose our Virtual Learning Environment or a local teaching centre, take your career to the next level with the University of London’s MSc in Data Science.