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Professionals working and teaching in higher education can strengthen their skills and teaching strategies by studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education offered through the University of London.

BA in French Studies with Business

This programme is specifically designed for those teaching and supporting students in higher education (HE) who are seeking to take on further responsibility in their roles.

An exciting aspect of the programme is that the students come from across the globe, which provides the opportunity to learn and develop in a truly global classroom.

We’ve asked Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper, Programme Director, to tell us more about the relevance of the programme and how the qualification can benefit those working in the HE sector.

What was the motivation behind developing this programme?
The University of London is always looking for ways to improve the experience and opportunities our students face, and we know that supporting the professional development of the staff who teach in higher education is an excellent way to enhance the student experience and outcomes. We also know that the nature of teaching is moving rapidly as learners are engaging with online courses and virtual learning environments. So we wanted to provide an effective, hands-on professional development programme that would help teachers in higher education to develop their teaching and assessment skills in face-to-face and online contexts.

Who should consider taking this programme?
If you are teaching or supporting the learning of students who are studying higher education courses, then this programme is for you. The programme is fully online and allows you to study in a flexible learning environment, fitting around your work commitments. The programme has been mapped by the University against the UK Professional Standards Framework so you can be assured that this programme delivers the professional development you will need.

What are the advantages of gaining this qualification?
This programme provides an opportunity to develop your skills; an understanding of strategies in teaching, learning and assessment in face-to-face teaching; an opportunity to engage with successful digital and online learning and to develop your skills in this area through direct hands-on experience; and also to work with colleagues across the globe, in a community of practice.

We take the opportunity to consider what the culture of higher education learning looks like in each other’s setting. This creates some exciting and demanding conversations.

What are the potential career benefits after completing this programme?
Increasingly lecturers and academics in higher education are being asked to enhance the quality of their teaching as well as their research. Across the UK, the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education is one of the commonly required teacher training options for those who commence a career in higher education, and internationally, higher education teaching qualifications are increasingly in demand. This qualification, from a prestigious University, will be valuable towards professional and career development.

Students work on the plan for a project to enhance teaching and learning in their own setting and this presents the opportunity for students to engage in research and evaluation which can lead to publications as well as prepare them to undertake a project that may have significant benefit in their workplace.

How does the online structure of this programme benefit students?
All of the readings, videos, examples, and interactive activities are within the virtual learning environment which can be accessed on any suitable device. This means students can engage with the programme in a way that fits around their life and work. The programme is very practically focused and students will be applying their learning and learning from their day-to-day teaching practice. But more than that, throughout the programme we are encouraging our students to question why we have designed the programme this way, to interact with the online tools and activities as a learner and with the eyes of a teacher, thinking about what works and what doesn’t work well in teaching both online and face-to-face. Just taking the programme will teach you a great deal about online pedagogy.

Find out more about the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper is also Director of Strategic Projects and Head of the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London.