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Welcoming the new and improved Skills Hub


The Skills Hub is a space dedicated to supporting you in your academic studies. We’ve updated and re-launched it with a fresh range of resources, workshops, and online courses all designed to enhance your skills and knowledge across various areas. 

Yellow and white level up LED lights photo – Free Neon Image on Unsplash

Yellow and white level up LED lights photo – Free Neon Image on Unsplash

In this article, we are breaking down some of the topics covered in the Skills Hub. You don’t have to complete everything in one go, jump in and out of the activities and resources as and when you need them! 

Read on for a closer look at what the Skills Hub contains:

Personal Growth 

Since the Skills Hub has re-launched, this section has proved the most popular. It is clear you are all interested in further development, just look at where you are studying! 

This section comes filled with activities that will help you with stress-management, getting out of your comfort zone and setting those goals to turn your dreams into a reality. You never know, you might treat yourself to new experiences and open doors for yourself that you didn’t know were there. 

Digital Literacy 

As online, distance and flexible learners, we know you have the skills to study, but why not explore more into the importance of online research and information evaluation. 

Take a moment to look further into communications and collaborative working and how it will be essential for success in your studies. 

Stay safe online and make sure you are informed by taking the cybersecurity and online privacy short course.  

Time Management

As we are sure you are aware there is a certain self-discipline you need when studying independently. Do you find yourself struggling with setting a routine? Or find yourself procrastinating from time-to-time? 

This section will be the ideal place to hone in that energy. Why not make yourself a hot drink and run through the tips and activities available. The resources here should help you to master the routine you’ve been dreaming about in no time. 

Academic Skills

Delve into this section to gain an understanding of the essentials to proofreading, referencing and editing. 

You might have heard of it, but do you know and understand what plagiarism really is? We’ve got a course that will help you work through understanding what it is and how to avoid it. 

Assessment Readiness

Set yourself on the path of productivity ahead of your assessments, by taking some time to read over these resources. If you’re unsure of how to plan your study time, haven’t experienced timed online assessments before or how to set up a study space that’s comfortable, this section has you covered. 

Workplace Readiness

As your university course comes to a close, you might not be sure what your next steps are or where you are headed.

The activities and toolkits available in this section will introduce you to a practical understanding of workplaces and what to expect. You might be familiar with some of the applications already from your studies or your personal life, such as Word Processing and Social Media. 

Join us and take a deep dive into what functions and advanced aspects are available to you that could look fantastic on your CV. 

Test yourself

As well as all the resources, through the Skills Hub you have access to a bespoke Study Skills Game Show!

Make sure to put on your gameshow music for this one, test yourself to find the gaps in your knowledge. Anything you aren’t sure on? No problem, just head back into the Hub to brush up on those skills. 

Take a look

For access to all the resources you can visit the Skills Hub here.

Let us know

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