Dr Shanon Shah - Tutor in Islam

Divinity, University of London.

Dr Shanon Shah
Dr Shanon Shah

Dr Shanon Shah holds a doctorate in the sociology of religion from King’s College London. He previously lectured in religious studies there and at the University of Kent.

Shanon is the Senior Deputy Editor of Critical Muslim, the flagship quarterly publication of the London-based Muslim Institute, and the Director of Faith for the Climate, a national charity focusing on action on the climate crisis. He also conducts research on minority religions and alternative spiritualities at the Information Network Focus on Religious Movements (Inform), a research charity based at King's College London.

His research and teaching interests include the ethnographic study of religion, contemporary Islam and Christianity, new religious movements, gender and sexuality, popular culture, and social movements.

Modules taught:

  • Introduction to Islam (Level 4)
  • Religion and Science (Level 6)

Selected publications:

Dr Shah is the author of the monograph The Making of a Gay Muslim: Religion, Sexuality and Identity in Malaysia and Britain (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

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