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Daniel Kyba

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Following my graduation in 1972 with a degree in Political Science I was briefly a journalist. I then went back to school and obtained a Diploma in Applied Research. This course included research methodologies and statistical analysis. I became an Analyst with a management consulting firm in its general practice and worked in a support role in multiple fields including business management, logistics, human resources and health care. I subsequently formed and operated a boutique specialising in Private Sector Development & Governance working both domestically (mainly in the Aboriginal sector) and Internationally. To build up my international portfolio I initially volunteered my services and subsequently worked as a contractor and sub-contractor. To stay relevant and employable I was in a continual state of self-study. The UoL External Programme was a culmination of this process leading into my retirement. I prioritised my study towards what was relevant to my professional background, skills and needs resulting in a wide range of marks and Third Class Honours.