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Institute in Paris

Dr Giovanni Menegalle

Teaching Fellow in French Studies and International Politics

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Summary of research interests and expertise

  • Intellectual History  
  • History of Political Thought 
  • Contemporary Philosophy 
  • Cybernetics  

My research centres on the intellectual history of 20th-century France, with particular focus on the post-war period and the intersection between philosophy and science. My current research looks at the reception of cybernetics and information theory, and I continue to pursue work on themes surrounding the subject of my doctoral thesis on Derrida and phenomenology, including a forthcoming article on Derrida’s reading of Leibniz. I have an on-going interest in the epistemological foundations of modern politics and its shaping by paradigms of order and control drawn from the biological and technological domains.  


MPhil in European Literature and Culture (Cambridge); PhD in French (Cambridge); British Academy Research Fellow (King’s College London). 



  • (Forthcoming) ‘Two Regimes of Logocentrism,’ Angelaki 28(5) (2023);
  • (Forthcoming) ‘Signs of Life: Derrida and Fink on Indication,’ Oxford Literary Review 45(2) (2023);
  • (Forthcoming) ‘Canguilhem, Simondon, and the Resolution of Problems,’ Paragraph 47(1) (2024);
  • ‘Beyond Presence: Derrida’s Fidelity to Husserl in Politics of Friendship(Opens in new window),’ in Derrida’s Politics of Friendship, ed. by Luke Collison, Cillian Ó Fathaigh, and Georgios Tsagdis (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2021), pp. 68-78.