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Centre for Online and Distance Education

Dr J Simon Rofe

Dr J Simon Rofe is Reader / Associate Professor of International Politics at the University of Leeds where he is responsible as subject lead for the Curriculum Redefined project; and Deputy Director of the Centre for Online and Distance Education at the University of London.

Simon previously headed the Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise portfolio (2020-22) and was Academic Head of Digital Learning (2016-2020) at SOAS University of London, where he devised and implemented an institutional Online Learning Strategy 2018, and led in the strategic response to COVID 19 2020-21. He has designed, developed and delivered under the aegis of the IR Model, numerous online learning programmes at a variety of HEIs, NGOs and other organisations; he led reviews of digital learning at a number of institutions, developed MOOCs in the first wave of their deployment, and has been at the forefront of digital learning for over a decade. He is widely published in the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.