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John Comerford

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Social Sciences



During my career, I have served successfully in both the public and private sectors. My focus has been on the interaction between public policy/regulation and individual/corporate behaviour. Earning my MSc in Organisational Behaviour at the University of London while working and living in the US has helped greatly with my career and allowed me to graduate from the University of Cambridge with an MPhil and, eventually, earn a doctoral degree in the US. 

My career has ranged from starting three banks, working for the President of the United States, to currently working, at age 75, with members of the United States Military and our veterans through a contractual relationship with the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense to assure financial readiness and stability. 

I could be most useful with students looking for careers in the area of exploring the role of public policy on business and international relations. Also, I could assist mid-career US students in the University of London process.