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Joseph Johnson

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I continued my legal studies at the Australian National University where I read for the degree of Master of Laws specialising in International Law and this enabled me to become involved with the Law of the Sea, especially in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean working with the Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage and the Australian Antarctic Division. My Divinity studies have enabled me to work in the area of multicultural engagement here in Canberra. My particular interests in law have been jurisprudence and legal theory, public international law and evidence; and in divinity, Islamic studies and the interactions between law, ethics and morality. 

Over the years I have completed both Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies through part-time work – at all times being employed in responsible and demanding roles - so I believe I can offer sound advice on the problems and challenges of part time study, help with study methods and exam preparation  and to provide encouragement and assistance to students when the going gets difficult.