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Institute in Paris

Kim Lê Minh

Head of Library, IT and Facilities

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Before joining the University of London Institute in Paris in the fall of 2019 I was a librarian in an American institution in Paris for nine years, then moved on to international academic programmes coordination for a management school. In both environments, I’ve enjoyed serving diverse communities, and facilitating their adaptation to Paris and France, in the light of my own experience while studying abroad. I am delighted to come back to librarianship and promote ULIP’s thoroughly curated collection in social sciences and law. To me, the library takes on the essential role of supporting students in their academic journey- obviously providing core titles, required readings and wider resources, as well as offering a friendly and comfortable study space, and significantly enlarging their horizons by stirring up their curiosity.

My role is also to ensure that the larger ULIP learning environment (electronic services, facilities) meets the needs of our community’s ambitious expectations, guaranteeing assistance in all things practical.

A few things I like at ULIP: how easily students and staff relate to each other; switching from French to English several times in the same sentence; its library’s Paris history book collection and cushioned reading nooks; the stunning location of course.