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Centre for Online and Distance Education

Neil Mosley

Neil Mosley is a consultant specialising in online and digital education. He has worked at the intersection of strategy, design, learning and technology for Imperial College and Cardiff University. He now works with a range of universities and education providers across a range of areas related to digital and online education. 

Neil has a range of interests and experience in online education. He has helped shape and develop organisational strategy, plans and processes as well as delivering and managing portfolios of online courses, programmes and projects including some in partnership with commercial providers and national governments.

He has designed a range of online courses and programmes, and is an advocate for drawing on research fields such as the learning sciences, instructional design and other related design fields to underpin and inform such work.

When working within universities he led and managed partnerships with online education companies such as edX and FutureLearn and has a wider interest in commercial developments within online and digital education in higher education and beyond.

He is an advocate of the need to equip and develop people to succeed in different roles related to online and distance education and has supported, coached and mentored educators, learning designers and other professionals in a range of different ways.

Lastly, he enjoys writing and speaking about online and distance education. He has written for the Times Higher Education and blogs regularly via his website and has given keynote speeches on digital and online education at international conferences and for university teaching and learning events.