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Centre for Online and Distance Education

Professor Stylianos Hatzipanagos

CODE Fellow and Executive Lead for Research and Scholarship

Stylianos's expertise is in technology enhanced learning, open and distance learning, research informed innovation of academic practice, and doctoral/postgraduate education management.

Stylianos has held leadership roles in research led and modern universities, in hybrid  and distance learning contexts. His research and scholarship portfolio includes: learning design and evaluation of online learning environments, formative and online assessment, computer supported collaborative work, open, flexible and distance education, digital literacies, social media and social networks in an educational context.

His output has been peer-reviewed articles, books, edited journal special issues and he has led and participated in research projects at international (EU- Digital competences and social inclusion, Lifelong learning, eLearning professional training and Minerva programmes) and national (HEA, JISC) level.